3D Experience

BlueFil® demisters, a reliable technology in liquid separation processes, air pollution control and removal of particles from gas flows.

The BlueFil® 3D Experience, an interactive animation, reveals the secret. Viewers/users can alter the position of the pad, the flow direction and velocity of the gas flow to understand the basic principal of our demisting technology. This way they can see for themselves how to build and improve treatment plants.

BlueFil technology guarantees a low pressure drop and a high efficiency since all monofilaments are positioned perpendicular to the gas flow to achieve the best possible separation of droplets. This unique weave stands in clear contrast to the random wire orientation in knitted mesh demisters.

BlueFil mist eliminator combines the best properties of knitted mesh and lamella separator. The ladder-like arrangement of the monofilament causes a change of direction of the gas stream, which increases the droplet capture by inertial impact and interception. This produces a cross flow of the separated liquid, which flushes out particles from the medium.

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